Despite the challenging situations we're facing due to COVID-19,

our team appreciates the successful opening of NIKE JAMSIL with the support of all cross functional teams.

As the safety of our consumers and athletes is our priority,

we are strictly following the tightened social distancing guidelines.

Although there were no special celebratory events in order to keep safety protocols,

we are looking forward to the continued success and recovery of the pandemic era with cross-functional teamwork.




What is special about this store is that the service zone is located in the center of the store.

The first thing consumers will see when they enter the store is the large service desk, 

where they can experience the best of Nike. 

“I loved the additional member benefit of 2 free patches”

“It’s a perfect service for couples”

“It is cool that I can make my own Nike product”

“I was satisfied that I can customize various products such as t-shirts and caps”

“The quality of service was very high, as if I was in a luxury boutique store.”

“It was one of the best services I experienced. The athlete dedicated a long time just for me.”

“The styling service was very detailed and systematic”

“Although I wasn’t used to this kind of service, it definitely was worth it”