Nike Family,

“There is no Finish Line” is one of our favorite Nike tag lines. It so often describes our reality, the long journey we are on and frames our many opportunities. 

It inspires us to be better. To never rest on recent accomplishments. At Nike, we always strive to elevate our game.

Nike Myeongdong is a great example of this and represents a key step to the bright future of Nike retail in Korea.

From the debuting a new Road to Rise design in Korea to elevated services and dazzling visual styling tuned to our consumer mindsets, 

this store brings a dynamic experience to our most important marketplace.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many individuals and teams responsible for bringing Nike Myeongdong to life especially our NSP strategic partner EunGwang; our landlord partner Lotte and our many cross-functional teams in APLA and in Korea. Your vision, dedication, perseverance, flexibility and obsession to detail are unmatched.

We hope this recap captures just some of the energy of the Athletes and amazing feel of the store.


Mike Steele                                  JiYoung Park

Sr. Retail Territory Director         Korea NSP GM

Nike Myeongdong represents the first Future of Sports in Korea, providing premium products, services and experiences to our consumers.

It is located in the #1 Key Trade zone “Myeongdong - Seoul,” the most innovative and dynamic area with diverse consumers and communities. Nike Myeongdong has been consolidated from two small stores to one big footprint, which will take our brand to the next level and be the most iconic & influential store within Seoul.